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Zarator (Atorvastatin Calcium) is prescribed to patients with high cholesterol to reduce levels of LDL (low density lipoprotein), which is a type of bad cholesterol that can cause a blockage of the blood vessels. It may also be used to lower the amount of triglycerides (a type of fat). In addition to this, the medication may help to Zarator the Zarator of HDL (high density lipoprotein), which is beneficial, as HDL is a type of good cholesterol that may help with the removal of bad cholesterol from the blood.

Zarator (Atorvastatin Calcium) comes in the form Zarator 20mg tablets which are taken orally. All patients should consult their physician before treatment so that a suitable dosage regimen can be prescribed Zarator on the patient`s condition. The general dosage Zarator for adults undergoing treatment with this medicine is 10mg to 80mg per day. The doses should be swallowed whole and unaltered with a large glass of water and may be taken on an empty Zarator muskelsymptomerne forsvinder, og P-kreatinkinase normaliseres, kan behandlingen genoptages med lavest mulige dosis og under monitorering.

Ved P-kreatinkinase > 10 gange øverste Zarator samt ved mistanke om rhabdomyolyse seponeres atorvastatin.

  • Nosebleeds
  • Indigestion
  • Sore joints
  • Nasal congestion
  • Feelings of confusion
  • Forsigtighed ved tidligere leversygdom, leverinsufficiens og Zarator alkoholforbrug.
  • Plasma-aminotransferaser bør måles før behandling, regelmæssigt under behandlingen samt ved tegn på leverpåvirkning.
  • Dosisreduktion eller seponering ved aminotransferaser over 3 gange øverste normalgrænse.
  • Samtidig behandling med glecaprevir/pibrentasvir, se interaktioner.
  • Tyggetabletterne indeholder aspartam, der i organismen omdannes til fenylalanin. Denne dispenseringsform må derfor ikke anvendes til patienter med fenylketonuri (Føllings sygdom).

Nedsat nyrefunktion

P-kreatinkinase bør måles før behandlingsstart pga. order Zarator 40 mg, 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg prædisposition for rhabdomyolyse.Ved P-kreatinkinase > 5 gange øverste normalgrænse bør behandlingen ikke startes.

Ved uforklarede muskelsmerter, især hvis de ledsages af utilpashed eller feber, skal behandlingen seponeres, og P-kreatinkinase måles.

  • Kontraindiceret ved aktiv leversygdom eller vedvarende transaminaseforhøjelse af ukendt årsag.
  • Forsigtighed ved tidligere leversygdom, nedsat leverfunktion og stort alkoholforbrug.

All side effects must be reported to your doctor. If Zarator are affected by muscle pain, a weakness affecting the muscles, fever, body weight gain, dark urine or any other reactions that are severe, consult your doctor straight away.

Precautions Occurrences of rhabdomyolysis accompanied with acute liver failure has been known to occur in patients treated with this medicine. Patients who have previously suffered from renal impairment may be more at risk of this and may need to be monitored closer.

This medicine is Zarator as an adjunct to diet, meaning Zarator dietary instructions will be provided by your doctor Zarator must be followed in order to successfully reduce cholesterol.

Seek immediate emergency medical attention if you suffer an allergic reaction. Symptoms to watch for, which may be indicative of a reaction, include skin rashes, hives, swelling of the face or limbs, trouble breathing, and trouble swallowing.

Always use Zarator (Atorvastatin Calcium) as you have been prescribed by your doctor. Never self-medicate or change your dosage without first consulting your doctor. The correct dosage can vary depending on your health, medical history, and the severity of the condition being treated.

This medication may not be safe for all patients. Before you begin using it always disclose the following to your doctor:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you suffer from any allergies.
  • If you suffer from any Zarator health conditions or illnesses.
  • If you are using any other medicine (including all non-prescription).
  • If you are using any supplements, vitamins, or herbal products of any kind.
  • Statiner kan øge blodsukkeret og medføre øget risiko for udvikling af diabetes - særligt ved disponering for diabetes-2.
  • Diabetes-2 disponerede patienter bør monitoreres nøje.

Ενεργά συστατικά

H ατορβαστατίνη (atorvastatin) είναι ένας εκλεκτικός, ανταγωνιστικός αναστολέας της HMG-CoA αναγωγάσης, του ενζύμου που περιορίζει το ρυθμό και είναι υπεύθυνο για τη μετατροπή Zarator 3-υδροξυ-3-μεθυλ-γλουταρυλ-συνενζύμου Α σε μεβαλονικό οξύ, πρόδρομη ουσία των στερολών, συμπεριλαμβανόμενης και της χοληστερόλης. Τα τριγλυκερίδια και η χοληστερόλη στο ήπαρ ενσωματώνονται στις πολύ χαμηλής πυκνότητας Zarator (VLDL) και απελευθερώνονται στο πλάσμα, ώστε να μεταφερθούν στους περιφερικούς ιστούς. Η χαμηλής πυκνότητας λιποπρωτεΐνη (LDL) σχηματίζεται από τη VLDL και καταβολίζεται κυρίως μέσω υποδοχέων υψηλής χημικής συγγένειας προς τις LDL (LDL υποδοχείς).

Η ατορβαστατίνη μειώνει τη χοληστερόλη στο πλάσμα και τα επίπεδα των λιποπρωτεϊνών στον ορό αναστέλλοντας την HMG-CoA αναγωγάση και ακολούθως τη βιοσύνθεση της χοληστερόλης στο ήπαρ και αυξάνει τον αριθμό των LDL υποδοχέων στην επιφάνεια των ηπατικών κυττάρων, τα οποία αυξάνουν την πρόσληψη και τον καταβολισμό της LDL.

Η ατορβαστατίνη ελαττώνει την παραγωγή LDL και τον αριθμό των σωματιδίων LDL. H ατορβαστατίνη προκαλεί έκδηλη και παρατεταμένη αύξηση της δραστικότητας των LDL υποδοχέων, σε Zarator με μία ωφέλιμη μεταβολή της ποιότητας των κυκλοφορούντων σωματιδίων της LDL. Η ατορβαστατίνη είναι αποτελεσματική στη μείωση της LDL-C Zarator ασθενείς με ομόζυγο οικογενή υπερχοληστεριναιμία, μια ομάδα ασθενών που συνήθως δεν ανταποκρίνεται στα υπολιπιδαιμικά φαρμακευτικά προϊόντα.


Zarator (Atorvastatin Calcium) acts primarily in the liver and helps to lower the blood levels of lipoprotein and cholesterol. The main ingredient which is responsible for its pharmacological effects belongs to the statin class of medicines and is often referred to as a synthetic lipid reducing agent.

  • Forsigtighed ved prædisponerende faktorer Zarator rhabdomyolyse.
  • Kreatinkinase måles før behandlingen ved Zarator, nedsat nyrefunktion, tidligere muskel- eller leversygdom, familiær forekomst af arvelig muskelsygdom, stort alkoholforbrug samt ved risiko for øget plasmakoncentration af atorvastatin. Hvis koncentrationen er mere end 5 gange øverste normalgrænse, bør behandlingen ikke startes.
  • Ved uforklarlige muskelsmerter, -kramper og -svaghed, især hvis de ledsages af utilpashed eller feber, skal præparatet seponeres og kreatinkinase måles. Hvis koncentrationen er mere end 5 gange øverste normalgrænse, må behandlingen ikke genoptages. Hvis muskelsymptomerne forsvinder og kreatinkinaseniveauet normaliseres, kan Zarator genoptages med lavest Zarator dosis og under monitorering.
  • Ved kreatinkinase over 10 gange øverste normalgrænse samt ved mistanke om rhabdomyolyse seponeres atorvastatin.

It is also possible that serious side effects will occur. Patients should seek medical care immediately if they notice discoloration of the urine, appetite loss, bruising, blurred vision, a decrease in weight or any other serious symptoms.

Follow any dietary instructions provided to you by your physician while undergoing treatment. Patients who drink alcohol may be at an increased risk of serious side effects. It is possible that the prescribing physician will discuss alcohol consumption and give instructions with regard to the use of alcoholic drinks before the commencement of treatment.


Tabletter. 1 tablet (filmovertrukken) indeholder 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg eller 80 mg atorvastatin (som calciumtrihydrat).

Baggrund: Der er data for ca. 600 1. trimester-eksponerede uden tegn på overhyppighed af uønsket fosterpåvirkning. Datamængden tillader ikke at udelukke en øget risiko.

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